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Free Form Seating

Category: Wheelchair Seating & Positioning

Manufacturer: Symmetric Designs

Free Form Seating provides a custom wheelchair seating solution that will change as a person's weight fluctuates, as they develop a need for more or less support and as young people grow. 

This custom wheelchair seating solution will adapt.

Free Form Seating is a true custom wheelchair seating system that can be fitted and changed anywhere and at anytime


    Allows for gradual corrective positioning
    Adapts to weight fluctuations
    Grows with the person
    Modules can be removed or recessed for total off-loading
    Lightweight, breathable and strong
    Accommodate a kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis and many shapes
    Adapters for many different wheelchairs and surfaces
    Can be covered with the most appropriate cover and padding for your client
    Air flow and moisture dissipation through the shell
    Available in Back Kits, custom shapes or sheets for assembly into any shape
    Shell has some flex to dampen vibration and give some dynamic movement

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