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Ultra Mirage™ II nasal mask complete system – shallow

Category: CPAP Masks

Manufacturer: ResMed

Contains: 16117- Headgear 16558- Cushion 16727- Frame System

The Ultra Mirage II is available in four cushion sizes to fit faces of different shapes and sizes. The Mirage™ dual-wall cushion create a superior seal and patient comfort, which often aids individuals in staying compliant with therapy.  Quick release clips allow for easy removal of the headgear and eliminate the need for continual adjustment.  Swivel enables easy connection and disconnection to the air tube while the 360º elbow rotation provides flexibility of tubing position. Flexible, one-piece forehead pads evenly conform to the contour of the forehead so pads stay in place. A cushion clip ensures the mask cushion is easy to attach and detach from the frame. The unique air vent design provides optimum CO2 washout and reduces noise.

Price: $79.00

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