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Mirage Liberty™ Full Face Mask – Large

Category: CPAP Masks

Manufacturer: ResMed

The Mirage Liberty™ Full Face Mask  features a simple design for comfort, and the freedom to wear glasses during your nighttime routine. With a fit range of over 90%, the Mirage Liberty is a comfortable alternative to conventional full face masks. 

Additional Features Include:

-Dual-wall nasal pillows that move independently and adjust to various nose shapes and sizes for a comfortable and effective seal.
-ResMed’s patented Mirage dual-wall mouth cushion for a secure, flexible seal and accommodates jaw movement, eliminating the need for a chin strap.
-Supportive headgear provides stability while you sleep.

Product Information: Each mask is shipped with three pillow sizes (small, medium and large) and a reduced inventory of two product codes. 

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